Nano update!

AH lack of updates! I wish I could say that I have been super industrious doing the nano, but that is not the case. I, as you might have guessed, did not finish the Nano. I am super disappointed, but I have learned a lot.

  • If you want to write you need to practice writing. Just saying you want to take on a huge project is not enough, you must be in practice!
  • Set aside some time to write every day. This is super important if you actually want to finish.
  • November is a crap month for a writing contest. The only thing worse would be December. Seriously, why November? Why not March or something more doable?

I think it was that last part that did me in more than anything. I have too much going on in my typical November to devote all my spare time to writing. There are some major family ties and commitments that totally mess with an entire week. A week! Not to mention that November is a particularly busy time for me in general.

Still though I wrote far more then anyone counted on my finishing and I am thrilled with what I was able to accomplish. Though it does figure that I started to lose momentum at the time that I was most looking forward to getting to story wise, that sort of thing always seems to happen.

I have decided though, that it is not over for me. I am going to continue writing, just not such ambitious projects. Perahps a bi weekly column to ease me into the swing of things.


… because anyone can see how well I do trying to write something as often as once a week.



NaNo November

Nano badge

I have decided to dust off my old characters and participate in this year’s NaNoWriMo. This is a huge deal to me because I have not done anything nearly so long or epic in a few years.

I actually had to look up the names of two of my C group characters. Yup, I meant it when I said I was trotting out the whole crew.

I decided to shortcut my way into this because I miss these characters, and while the idea is old, it’s something I never expanded upon.

You have no idea what this is doing to my free time.

I decided to start a day late and though I am up to 5k words, I am way behind the point where I should be. I am actually letting school take a secondary role while I do this, which is dangerous I know, but this is something I am honestly passionate about. (All class work is getting done later at night, instead of during ‘prime working time’ in the afternoon while the kids are at school.

I promise to get out my blizzcon update which isn’t so much about blizzcon but about what a great guild I have later this week. I also had a small setback in my chiropractic recovery that has me a bit devastated. (My Dr. assures me that these setbacks happen under the normal course of healing, but still it was an emotional blow.)

The NaNo project has me in high spirits. I forgot about it entirely and was reading a great book called ‘Writing Magic: Creating Stories that Fly’ that points out you actually have to write to be an author. This is a part of me that I really missed, and I am glad to see that, while I am a bit rusty, I still haven’t completely lost my skills.

Though the no editing rule of the nano has me frustrated, I can see why they want you to focus on the finish line. Edits can happen later.


Man I hope I finish!


Idle chatter about plans and some daydreams

I look outside the window and see the perfect kind of autumn day. Gray, gloomy, and perfect for whiling away in my mood of nostaiga with a large cup of coacoa in hand.

Of course, this is totally at odds with reality. My upcoming week is so packed that sitting on my rear end contemplating things is probably the very last thing that I should be doing.

And yet… here I sit!

On the wow front, patchaclysm got me. This wasn’t completely unpleasant, as I found a lot of the new talents fun and worth a good dig in. My fire mage made it through the process mostly unscathed, very little learning, while my initial dismay over glyph costs were overrun by my seeing that this was an opportunity for even a low level inscriptionist. my pally not so much, as I had to relearn healing from scratch. This has been a somewhat painful process, but I am feeling better about things, and learning more about pally healing as I go.

My friends seem mostly split, with the majority frustrated over the changes. While I understand this viewpoint (Pally healer!) I also see this as a chance for growth and renewal of once stale classes. I mean, how many of us got our rotation down to two or three buttons?

I just wish I had all of my gold still!


Super-guilds find their Kryptonite on the WoW Forums.

Today has been a day of turmoil, if not in the wow community as a whole, at least in my own guild. After much thought on the subject and reflection of almost 24 hours I have decided to say my piece.

Blizzard is once again enacting a policy that is inciting much debate and anger amongst it’s membership. At 11pm PDT Blizzard Poster Mumper posted this comment:

We will be introducing a new, hard cap of 600 members in a single guild for Cataclysm. This function will go live with patch 4.0.1 and is already live on the beta and PTR’s.

As most of you already know, we have supported a soft cap of 500 members in a guild since World of Warcraft launched. We have allowed guilds to exceed the 500 limit up until now since being in a guild really just amounted to ranks and chat channels. With the advent of the new guild system in Cataclysm we are tracking many more things on each individual player in a guild and in order to support that, we need to limit the amount of members to a reasonable level.

The new cap of 600 members is fully supported in the new guild system and that means that everyone will be visible in the ui and able to contribute to all guild functions like experience and reputation gain. We have pulled a large number of statistics to get to the 600 member cap for guilds and we are happy to say that this value covers more than 99.9% of all the active guilds in World of Warcraft.

The small number of guilds that are over the 600 person cap will be able to keep their guilds intact (and fully supported in the new guild system), but they will not be able to add new members until they fall below the 600 member cap.

(Source and discussion thread.)


Moar back problems!

It always goes to figure, the moment you have things ‘figured out’ is the moment that you realize you don’t. (Or to be even more accurate, life points that out the moment you declair it so.)

I have been incapacitated after my last blog post because of my back. Yes, that thing I declaired as ‘fine now’. Not so much.

After a year of pain, and my doctor not helping with the pain, I decided to move on, get a second opinion and just stop trying to live my life around this problem. It just wasn’t working anymore.

A new doctor and a new planned road to recovery later, I am feeling optimistic about things. I am by no means all better, that will take time, but I do feel confidant that I can be soon.

The problem was, my old doctor was nice. He did speak to me, but at times I didn’t feel like I was being heard. Some of my concerns were brushed off. In spite of the fact that it has only been a week, I feel like my new doctor is listening. He wants to help me and that’s a good thing in my book.

Still going through some pain, and I will for a while yet, but I feel like there’s hope for me yet.

No longer MIA, now with lessons learned.

I have been out of the bloggling loop for a few reasons lately. None of them involving anything remotely cool.

I may have mentioned it before, but I am not sure and too lazy to see, but I have been the unfortunate recipient of reoccurring back spasms. Up until sometime last month they were increasing in frequency to the point that I was afraid of doing anything that might aggravate my back. This included sitting in my computer chair for extended periods, which for reasons unknown, caused the worst pain of it all.

We aren’t talking minor discomfort, we are talking cannot move or breathe or anything due to my back locking up.

This of course made me re-prioritize my life. I suddenly had to spend the bare minimum doing anything, such as schoolwork (Online nice!), my wow hobby (only on for an hour unless it’s raid night), and so on. Unfortunately my blog fell under the ‘optional’ column.

When things hit their worst, my dear sweet husband got fed up, as the sofa began to trigger these problems as well. He did the only thing that a man in his position (wife is in pain, the chiropractor visits are not working, and he’s out of the office anyway) could do.

He tore apart our bed.


They aren’t all bad: One Mage’s experience with the Achievement System.

This is the article that won me the beta key!


Since the introduction of achievements into World of Warcraft I find myself doing many stupid things. This last week alone I have spent an insane amount of time in front of the fountain in Dalaran trying to get coins for an achievement. There are no fancy titles or anything, just a small coin as a reward. Someone in blizzard has a sick sense of humor, rewarding you with fishing up hundreds of coins with yet another coin.

Some achievements are purely ridiculous. I will never forget leveling my mage and being in the middle of STV when an achievement popped. It was not for exploration or based upon hitting a questing milestone. No, this achievement was for drinking 25 different beverages in the game. While this was hardly a noteworthy achievement, it did make me laugh, and from that point on, whenever I was leveling my alts I always make sure to check my status on the achievement, and keep the happy hour spirit alive!

Sadly they can’t all be so easy that you don’t notice that you are on the path of a new achievement. I remember how hard my 10 man raid group worked on Sarth 3D and how for weeks we were almost there, not quite getting it, but still tantalizingly close. When we finally downed it there was a huge eruption over vent and I quickly switched to my new title, the one I had been coveting for weeks on end and smiled for the screenshot.

Winning the drake was icing on the cake!

And then there are the achievements that I still will not attempt, such as The Undying. Oh sure I can faceroll every boss in Naxx now but when it comes to Hagen and his dance, I am doomed. I spent months in Naxx, and I think I lived all of twice. Knowing what I know, I cannot honestly go in and frustrate a raid group.

Personally I love the achievements that have been implemented. Frustrating, fun, and even accidental, they have added a new element to the game that makes it even more addicting. Let’s be honest, nothing else could have me standing around a fountain with a fishing pole in a game where I could be out killing dragons and evil kings.

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